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"The Game Part 2

The Holy Queen perched upon her Broken Throne

Casting Judgment .....


The Precious Knight 

Conserved .....



A Bitter Wind Appears

Accentuating Fears

As the bright light of Day enters

The Ashes of the Rook is hidden

Where can she be found?

Her being is not placed within center

Her significance abandoned and forbidden

The Bishop's Force no longer resembling sound

The precious Knight's soul

tainted and crudely rendered

The plot of her annialation thicken

The King, the Queen, and the Bishop

Malevolent, .... Conspiring and gossip



Their wishes and plans without perception

Chaos abide, Pawns bereft of life

Decimated Landscape, no control

The Knight, finally separated from her Psyche

Their Castle subjected to strife

Freedom envisioned, her contumacious soul

Astounded and Startled, abnegated Almighty

Her new existence Found



Support .....

A Queen herself at Peace

No Bishop, No Knight

Her Silence finally Spoken

Her Soul Released!!


 ~ Joanna Gagnier "

26 January 2013


-Novelist and Conceptual Photographer-

Joanna Gagnier

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