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"The Game Part 1

In the Shadows of her Castle; She Sleeps ....


The Queen's Mighty Knight 

       Appears ....



Causing Pain

Affecting her Brain

As the Darkness of the night enfolds

The Rook's protective dance vanish

Where is the King?

Her entire future foretold

Her integrity entirely banished

While the Bishop's prayers sing

The Mighty Knight entraps her in his mold

He forced upon her all his Blemish

The King, the Bishop, and the Queen?

Dead ....nowhere to be seen!



Directed to her Higher Power

It is her darkest hour!

Anarchy ensued, the Pawns are scattered

Strategize the move, his betrayal

The Knight's power cursed

Her soul divided and splattered

Secrets casted a darkened portrayal

Her innocence forever perversed

The existence of her Castle

in ruins .....


No Longer .....

The Queen and her Knight United

The Bishop, The King

Relinquished her to Silence,


~ Joanna Gagnier"

25 January 2013


-Novelist and Conceptual Photographer-

Joanna Gagnier

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